Comunicative Language Teaching Analysis

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Basically, the term of CLT covers a variety of approaches that all focus on helping the students to communicate meaningfully in a target language. Communicative language teaching is being developed nowadays. CLT is now being applied in many non-English countries where English is treated as a foreign language because the worldwide increasing demand for good communication in English. It is in line with what Professor Jack C. Richards states in his book Communicative Language Teaching Today that “…the ever growing need for good communication skills in English has created a huge demand for English teaching around the world, as millions of people today want to improve their command of English or ensure that their children achieve a good command…show more content…
The communicative dimension deals with activities involving the real communication to promote language learning. The authentic task relates to the activities using the target language to indorse the meaningful learning. The third element is the principle of meaningfulness in which the target language is meaningful for students to support the learning process. Indeed, learning activities are consequently selected according to how well they engage the students in meaningful and authentic use of language which are not just mechanical practices of language patterns. These principles can be inferred from the practices of CLT which overcome the crucial conditions to promote EFL learning rather than the process of EFL…show more content…
As the best language teaching approach, CLT makes use of real-life situations that necessitate communication (Galloway, 1993) to grasp a normal meaningful communication event which generally requires the use of many linguistic skills. When the students are engaged in conversational exchanges, for example, they are involved in practicing both listening and speaking in some contexts. In fact, a communicative event requires all linguistic skills in a single event. By giving the nature of communicative acts to the students, they are triggered to apply more than one skill at the same time in real-life communicative

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