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Moreover, the present school curriculum also demands self-learning, which again directs the student towards the world of information and communication technologies. This has spread the importance and need of using English language by the young generation. The future generation teachers hence need to be well prepared and competent to face the students of the digital era. They should study and stay current. Hence, it can be stated that good communicative skills are necessary for those who aspire higher education, for acquiring better jobs, and also for application in one’s day to day life. Having great English skills will bring numerous advantages to a teacher, “especially keeping with the demands of the emerging global market where English…show more content…
But they were not prepared using the principles to study a language with a view to increasing their communicative skills, and only focused on certain areas of communication. The packages for developing communicative skills in English available in the market are incomplete in many aspects. Moreover they contain lessons to be practised for making one’s ears more accurate in receiving the message and merely repeating the same. A similar study conducted in Thailand by Vonganusith & Pagram (2008) focused on the development of a Web-based course to support pre-service teachers’ professional knowledge and skills in English. But the study focused on English grammar, without giving any emphasis on the listening or spoken skills. But using English in real life communication incorporates the cognitive listening and speaking skills, which cannot be attained only with knowledge of the structural aspects of the language.

At this juncture, the investigator felt the need of an additional source – a web-based blended learning course that will contain all the modern principles of improving communicative skills. The course is expected to help the pre-service teachers of different subjects use better English while they interact with their peer group, the students and the teacher-educators. In short the package could help the future teachers
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Since, “A blend is an integrated strategy to delivering on promises about learning and performance” (Rosset, Douglis & Frazee, 2003). The Web-based blended learning helps the student-teachers especially in improving their skills in engaging and reflecting, annotating, questioning, answering, pacing, elaborating, discussing, inquiring, and problem solving in English (Oberlander & Johnson, 2004; Gueldenzoph, 2003; Berge, 1999) and generally for maintaining good classroom rapport. The student teachers can make use of the website at any time and they can complete their activities at their own pace. The online administration of the course would be more useful as it could be used conveniently without affecting their study hours and according to the learning capacity of individual student teachers. Moreover, it would be inconvenient for the student-teachers to undertake additional courses after study hours at the training colleges. The synchronous online classes can give the students a virtual effect of the actual classroom. It is also noticeable that the investigator can give assignments or administer tests online. Online video chats and e-mailing are added advantages in Web-based learning. This helps the researcher to keep an eye on the

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