Con Or Jarrett's Role In Ordinary People By Judith Guest

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(Con)trol Conrad Jarrett also known as Con or Jarrett, is the main character in the moving novel "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest. Con has just been released from a mental hospital after his attempt at suicide. The story takes us along with the Jarrett family as Con heads towards a full recovery with the help of his therapist Berger, and his father Cal. As Con works on achieving his goal to gain control he is able to become a more independent person. Unfortunately Con does not warm up easily to people, he finds it hard to share his feelings with others. However, as he gets to know and trust others he is not as scared to talk to them which is a small sign of Conrad 's independence . At Cons first appointment with Dr. Berger Con told him "I 'd like to be more in control, I guess. So people can quit worrying about me"( 43). This can give us a pretty good idea of Cons mental state right after he is released. Con does not care about getting better for himself but he wants to get better for everyone around him. However Con also shows he is anxious to get better when…show more content…
As Berger and Con continue to work together on Con gaining control and independence, Con has also gained a new identity for himself. Con has finally left his box, the box that has enclosed him from society. "I 've been in it forever everybody looking in, to see how your doing (138)." Con is done with everybody worrying about him he just wants to have control of his own independence. A big sign for Cons independence is him becoming more aware of his true self. Con continues to get closer and closer to doing things for himself each time he goes to see Dr. Berger. Berger is teaching Con that "the body doesn 't lie" (121). This teaches Con to follow his heart rather than following everyone else around him. Con listen to his body and he felt his body was telling him to "quit swim the swim team" (109). He no longer enjoys swim, he no longer likes his teammates and he no longer want to be just like
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