Concealed Carry Analysis

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According to the Sirs article by Patrik Jonsson, “Gun Debate: Is Price of an Armed America a More Dangerous America?”, “The number of Americans asserting their right to carry concealed guns has exploded - from less than a million a few decades ago to as many as 11 million now [as of 2014].” Since 2007, the amount of concealed carry permits for women has increased by 270% and the amount has increased for men by 156%, which created a 178% increase in total (New Study). Concealed carry is defined as the practice of carrying a concealed firearm on one’s person in public. On Tuesday, July 9, 2013, Illinois was the 50th state in the union to allow this to happen. In 1976, Georgia became the leader of the nation in this long-term, mass movement of…show more content…
The Supreme Court has ruled that concealed carry is in fact covered under the second amendment as a form of protection and crime deterrent. Concealed carry is a very controversial topic, but the idea that it should be legal is the obvious, and most common thought, among many Americans. There are many good reasons why the concealed carry of legalized firearms should be allowed; for example, people would have better protection from criminals, and the fact that crime rates have been proven to decrease. While there are many strong reasons that concealed carry should be lawful, one that serves as an extreme benefit to society would be the notion that being armed would better help to keep people safe from the ones who do not abide by the laws. On, an article entitled “8 Significant Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry” stated that “This [fact] is further supported by statistics based on a 2000 analysis by John Lott that showed a decrease in murders, rapes and aggressive assaults by 8.5%, 5% and 7%, respectively in states that allow concealed carry.” The same article also said that “Larry Craig, Chief of Police in Detroit, also backed Lott’s findings, saying that concealed weapons and ‘Good Americans with CPLs [concealed permit licenses] translated into crime
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