Concealed Carry Crimes

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The hidden carry of firearms can prevent murders or other serious crimes dramatically. In the United States over 2 million self defense cases are reported with the use of concealed carry weapons which outnumbers the amount of crimes committed with guns by about 8 million (Lampo). Conceal carry laws help people that can not rely on police or government forces defend themselves or others. These rights to carry a hidden firearm also contribute to the personal security of this nation. Although guns are deadly weapons, gun laws do not have negative effects on crime rates because they increase murders, leave innocent people defenseless, and end more lives than they save. Gun laws raise the rates of many different types of crimes in America. “Between 1980 and 2009, states with more restrictive concealed weapon laws had 10% higher crime rates” (Lott, Jr.). The occurrence of higher crime in states with stricter gun laws shows that restrictions against firearms actually have a negative effect on crime. Criminal actions like auto theft in cities have become more frequent as stricter gun regulations take place (Mustard). These crimes are the cause of new laws that prevent the carry of concealed weapons since there is nothing that people have to defend themselves with. These laws and regulations against guns actually …show more content…

This is because of the fact that they leave innocent and good people defenseless from attackers. This ends up actually killing more lives that were meant to be saved by using gun restrictions. In conclusion, guns actually are very dangerous, but people actually depend on them for protection which is why the founding fathers made it an unalienable right to carry a weapon; the gun laws that our leaders have created actually increase crime, leave people defenseless, and end more lives that were meant to be save. These are just a few ways that gun laws actually have negative effects on crime in this

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