Concealed Carry On Campus

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Concealed carry is a very arguable topic, some people do not like the fact that an eighteen to twenty two year old college student is walking around campus with a loaded handgun. However, some people feel safer when they are carrying their handgun. In the world today, it is hard to know when someone is going to enter a classroom or a campus with a gun. One of the main reasons some laws prohibit the carry of firearms on campus is the thought that students may be disrupted by the thought of another student having a handgun next to them. However if the handgun is concealed the other student may never know. Students and teachers would teach and learn the same until the time arose for a handgun to be drawn , that is if an active shooter entered…show more content…
For the most part that is true, however most students that take the time to go get a permit to carry a handgun are more responsible than those who like to party and act out. In addition, the state laws prohibit the carry of a firearm if they are under the influence. The job of protecting campuses should be left to professionals some might say, however if an attacker walks into a classroom and there is only one way in and out by the time the cops get there it will more than likely be too late. That is another reason concealed carry should be allowed on campus. If there is just one person carrying in that classroom the whole situation could be changed for the better. Those who are against concealed carry say the answer to school violence is prevention, not guns on campus. In a perfect system, the two approaches to safety complement each other. Preventive measures, such as teaching students and faculty to watch for the warning signs of mental illness and providing counseling to disturbed students, can work hand in hand with preparative measures, such as developing campus alert systems, providing additional training to campus police, and allowing the same trained, licensed adults who legally carry concealed handguns when not on college campuses to do so on college
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