Concealed Carry Pros And Cons

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Allow us to protect ourselves “Concealed Carry” Do you want to be the innocent victim? Or do you want to live to see another day. Concealed carry laws address the practice of carrying a firearm such as a handgun in public in a concealed manner. Currently there is no federal law covering the insurance of concealed carry permits. Also all 50 states have different laws on concealed carry. The state government allows public places such as schools, businesses, hospitals, churches, ECT. To hang a sign saying gun free-zone meaning you cannot carry here (SIRS). This paper will examine viewpoint one, two and my viewpoint on should concealed weapons holders be prohibited from carrying firearms in certain locations. To begin with, viewpoint on prohibiting concealed weapons in certain locations will reduce crime and ensure that the location is free of gun violence. The threat to public safety if “concealed carry” goes national. Firstly, the National Rifle Association has enabled millions to go armed into public places. For example, The Editorial Board, from New York Times, Shares president Donald Trump’s campaign celebrated the N.R.A.’S fantasy idea. By telling citizens they can protect themselves by having a shootout (Board). Thus, research shows this idea is more…show more content…
Some people say we should not own guns because they are scared people will also hide more and not speak their minds. People will also use firearms in the wrong way. Allot of people want to be armed. These people do not want to be the victims of senseless crime. Also they want more laws to be passed to allow concealed carry among civilians. This is my personally view and how the systems are corrupt and why we need people to be armed. “Why I carry because it is my responsibility-not the governments- to protect myself and my family, so I always legally carry a firearm because I refuse to be a victim”-
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