Concentration Camp Experiments

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Dr. Carl Clauberg , Dr. Karl Franz Gebhardt, Dr. August Hirt and Dr.Josef Mengle were all Nazis who experimented on concentration camp prisoners. Most of their work was because of either for Law of the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Disease or for improving Germany in war. In this case the race was the Aryan race. This is a race of people that were considered “fit to live”. This means they were not Jewish, Homosexual, disabled, and were tall, straight-nosed, blonde and blue-eyed. These people were taken to concentration camps since they were “unfit to live”. Because these people were seen as useless, they were used for testing. From experimenting on eye color and reaction to different diseases to being used to find the best way of…show more content…
Gehbhardt was another doctor who performed experiments. He broke prisoners arms and legs, usually without anesthetic, to see how they heal.He also did many amputations and introduced infection to the wound or let it fester itself. He then experimented with different drugs to try and cure it. In some cases he would take the amputated limbs of prisoners and put them on german soldiers’ bodies. Dr.Hirt was another doctor who did autopsies. He would take the bodies of freshly gassed prisoners and autopsy them. He studied these bodies in order to prove the “superiority” of the Aryan race. Dr.Mengle was very famous for experimenting with twins. He had a fascination with them. He would find twins and measure them to the finest detail then kill them. He would perform an autopsy them study how alike they were. He also did many experiments with different diseases by introducing them to the body and studying how to get rid of them. Another thing he did was expose prisoners to phosphorus material from bombs to see how it reacted with skin. Overall these doctors did very terrible things too camp prisoners and were later convicted at the Numberg trials where most of them were sentenced to death. Dr. Mengle fled to south america and was unfortunately never caught. All of these experiments and doctors caused many innocent people to die. This was a very unfortunate event and may the lives of those who died be
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