Concentration Camps: A Short Story

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Concentration Camps Ben and his family lived in a wonderful, well built home in 1943. The war had just began and there were many people who were getting taken in the concentration camps. Ben and his family did not think they were going to take them, they did not think they would actually do it to them. Well, they were wrong, the Natzis came and took Ben Camm and his family to the concentration camps. On the way there they did not know what to think. Ben and his family were crammed into the back of a carriage that was being driven by the Natzis, every bump was like nails stiking you every time you moved, but maybe it would not be so bad, or maybe it would be horrible. When they got there they began to see people they knew working in dirt and building things for the Natizs and getting hit for not doing what they were suppose to be doing. Ben and his…show more content…
Do you want to get caught?” Natalie hissed. “It 's important though,” Ben added. “Okay but is it worth leading them right to us?” Natalie asked. “Well I really don’t know but it is important to me,” Ben cried. “Okay, then what is it?” Natalie added. “Well, Hmmm, Ummm, I cut my finger wide open. It’s getting everywhere,” Ben pleated. “So you 're saying there is blood everywhere,” Natalie pointed out. “Yes, that is what I am saying,” Ben emphasized. “Okay. Wrap it in your handkerchief and get that long piece of grass over there and wrap it tight, you will be okay,” Natalie demanded and then whispered. Ben was so very scared that something had already happened to his family in the time he was gone. When they got back into the camp they were frantically searching for his parents, while still having faith. Ben finally spotted his dad and brother and ran as fast as he could to give them the biggest hug he had ever given to anyone before and then they went and found the rest of their family. They made the food last but whenever they ran out Ben and Natalie were the first ones to volunteer to go back
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