Concentration Camps Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered Why were the Concentration camps established? who went to there, what kind of things happen to them while there? And how many people died? What happen to the survivors? Let’s find out what really happen in the Concentration Camps. This was such a tragic time in history and we should all be thankful that our world isn 't like this. The Concentration Camps were made because Hitler hated the jews and wanted to kill all and they were kind of brainwashing them to tell them it is a wonderful place to live. When they were making the camps the Nazis would go around just shooting people for no reason. So Hitler and the Nazis captured the majority of the Jews and put them into these camps saying they should be here and that they deserve to died and it is all their fault. So when they took power in 1933 over Germany, they were killing more and more Jews as they could by now no one was safe, I bet a lot of people were trying to move away so they didn 't have to go to the camps. There wasn’t just Jews there at the camps there was also Americans there too. Hitler basically made the camps to torture people and to kill them too. That was probably his idea of fun on his way. Could you believe what happen to them, Weber stated that “men…show more content…
Weber stated that “most of the 1.3 million people died in 1941” (331-332) all because of the Nazis. The Nazis killed about 1.25 of the people in the camps. They would keep the men and would take the old, women and children and put them in the gas chamber and then do that to the week and ill, I bet they kept all of the little boys also to do slave work. After the Holocaust was over the prisoners that survived were set free to go find their families to reunite. All of Nazis that were left got either killed or hung. All of the Jews were probably dancing and cheering if they were there or if they heard the news, I know I would have been doing that if I were
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