Concentration Camps Vs Japanese Internment Camps Essay

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Persecution or hatred? Treated like animals or people? The Americans forced all Japanese-Americans to go to internment camps during World War I. And the Germans forced all Jewish people to go to concentration camps in World War II. Both very different camps. The concentration and internment camps aren’t the same thing because of how they got treated, the purpose of the camps, and the number of deaths. Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment camps aren’t the same because of how they got treated in the camps. First, in concentration camps, Jews were starved. Nazi camps starved the Jews until they were considered “human skeletons” and could not even walk. Second, some Jews had to fall from great heights for a job. A job for Jews was sometimes to fall from high places so the SS could see how high somebody could be dropped until they broke a bone. Finally, concentration camps were not immune to disease. After put in the camps, Jews had their head shaved. The SS kept all the hair and used it to stuff the Jews’ pillows. Lice live and hair… and lice carry a lot of diseases. Concentration camps treated Jews much, much worse than internment camps treated Japanese-Americans. The concentration camps and internment camps are different because…show more content…
First of all, how they died or got killed. Jews were hung, starved to death, put in gas chambers, killed by disease, burned alive and much more. Japanese were shot, hung, killed by disease and much more as well. Secondly, the number of Japanese-American deaths in the internment camps. The number was over 100,000 persons being killed at internment camps. Lastly, the amount of Jewish people who died at concentration camps. In Nazi camps, over 6,000,000 Jews died. That’s 60x more than the Japanese! In conclusion, many more Jews died in their camps compared to Japanese-American deaths. Therefore, very different and not the
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