Concept Attachment Model Vs Concept Attainment Model

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Running Head: Model Comparison Instructional Development Models Comparison: Concept Attainment Model and Concept Development Model Caner ŞAHİN COMPARISION OF TWO SAMPLE INSTRUCTIONAL MODELS First instructional model: Concept Attainment Model The concept attainment model based on research of Jerome Bruner, Jacqueline Goodnow and George Austin which was reported in the landmark work A Study of Thinking (1986). Concept attainment is an inquiry-based instructional strategy that is suitable for teaching notions that have an open set of attributes. Concepts have a name, a definition, examples, and critical attributes or characteristics. They are also ideas or abstractions that are formed by putting data into observable categories (Lemlech, 2010). The primary point of this model is to allow students to create their own definitions and understanding. The Concept Attainment Model includes following steps: Step 1. Gather Data: Select and Define a Concept through the Concept’s Essential Characteristics Determine if the concept is appropriate and teachable according to this model. The definition should be clear, and the attributes should be identifiable. Determine those qualities that are essential. Step 2. Develop Positive and Negative Examples This is the key step, because the positive examples must contain all the essential attributes, yet they may contain some nonessential attributes that are gradually eliminated. Negative examples may have some of, but not all, the essential

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