Concept Clarification In Nursing

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“Concept clarification is an important step in developing useful and useable knowledge in nursing science.” (Tofthagen, 2010). Within the home health field of nursing one of the major and most significant concepts is team work. Simply stated, concept analysis incorporates a method or approach by which concepts that are of interest to a discipline are examined in order to clarify their characteristics or attributes” (Cronin, 2010). Within a home health care team there are Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Home Health Aides, Medical Social Workers, Managed Care Coordinators, and Clinical Managers. Within this team specific goals are set and a plan of care is designed and established. “In 2003, the Institute of Medicine identified care…show more content…
There is a secure texting and calling services that is a downloadable application for iPhone and android phones. Emails, voicemails, and actual phone calls are very common as well when an update or change is noticed with a patient. “An essential part of the acute care nurse’s role is to actively engage in the continuous process of keeping patients safe and preventing deterioration of their health” (Kelly, 2010). All types of discipline may have a certain philosophy they apply to their practice. Philosophy is a way one applies or practices their knowledge within a way of life or within their practice. Psychology takes skill, patience and understanding. Patient have experienced many different obstacles within their life so knowing how to perceive, accept, and apply a specific way of learning to each patient will help to build a patient/staff relationship. “Caring science seeks to unify and connect as an evolving philosophical-ethical-epistemic field of study that is grounded in the discipline of nursing and informed by related fields” (DiNapolo, 2010). Sociology is the study of functioning within human society. This can range from male to female, younger or older, along with different types to ethnicities and economic status’. As always, keeping your relationships between patients always professional. In remembering that home health is a business and not a social even can help to keep patient’s health as a priority as a clinician. In having a team approach symptom can be better controlled and with a multidisciplinary team, patients could be able to verbalizes and recognizes changes either in their disease process or symptoms. “An example of items measuring unpredictability of disease prognosis is ‘‘I know how long my illness will last,’’ and an example of measuring unpredictability of symptoms and other triggers is ‘‘My symptoms are predictable; I know when I will feel better or
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