Concept Mapping Assessment: A 45-Year-Old Patient

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Concept Mapping
Joshua Morillon
Chamberlain College of Nursing Concept Map
Assessment: CR is a 45-year-old male who suffers from cerebrovascular accident, which has affected the right upper extremity and bilateral lower extremities. Patient is paralyzed upper right side (right arm) and bilateral lower extremities. Affect and facial expression appropriate to situation. Speech clear. Patient is oriented x3 to time and place. Skin warm and dry. Unlabored respirations with no use of accessory muscles. Breath sounds clear in all areas. Braden score is 23. Colostomy present on left lower quadrant of abdomen. Site of colostomy appears clean, dry and intact. Fecal material present inside colostomy pouch. Patient reports pain at 0 (Numeric scale

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