Importance Of Concept Mapping In Nursing

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Professional trends in Nursing Assignment -2 Mind Mapping in Nursing Practise Submitted to : DR.Priyalatha Asst.Professor . Submitted by : Lincy.Jose RN-BSN 2ND YEAR 16905054 Date - 27/02/2018 INTRODUCTION It is a method of critical thinking, helps the students develop strategy to find specific patient condition. Upon using this technique will help the nursing students to prioritize, reason and link the patient symptoms for effective nursing management. It is as a learning strategy developed in the nursing in 1970’s …show more content…

The experimental group received 1day workshop, were introduced with the use of “concept maps” based on the nursing process. They used concept mapping for application of nursing process in a given scenario specifically designed for this intervention. Students worked individually and in groups to illustrate the relevant information from the presented case and provide the “concept mapping”. The students in the experimental group were required to apply concept mapping at least on 2 patients during their 10-week clinical practice. Based on the results of this study application of “concept mapping” resulted in an increase in student’s ability to identify dimensions of critical thinking, justify their reason and provide appropriate explanations. Also, these study supports the effectiveness of “concept mapping” in the improvement of both cognitive critical thinking, skill and habits of mind. So finally, “clinical concept mapping” is a valuable strategy for improvement of clinical thinking of nursing …show more content…

Arrange patient details on abnormal results of physical and psycho-social assessment treatment, medications and laboratory results. Then develop goals and outcomes and list what can do to address each problem. Following these steps will help nurses or students to think critically and it will help to improve clinical experience and outcome of the patient. One research article published in pub med in 2010 regarding “Concept mapping” for applying theory to nursing practice. That theory-based practice believe that this will improve clinical outcomes and nurse satisfaction. The research question of - Whether “concept mapping” is an effective method of teaching nurses? how to apply theory to their daily practice? was tested during an action research project conducted at a community hospital, The researcher suggests that review of nursing theory and the use of concept mapping to analyse its application should be considered for staff nurse development.

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