Concept Of Clean Eating Essay

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What is Clean Eating?

The concept of Clean Eating has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. More and more people are adapting to this idea. Interestingly, clean eating is not something new; in fact this concept has been there since a long time. The term ‘clean eating’ has been coined only recently, but people who are really health conscious, fitness trainers and those in the field of health and nutrition are very much aware about it and have been carrying out clean eating since a long time. People across the globe are going raw. Clean Eating may be a misleading concept or the common man. Let’s see what clean eating does not mean? Many people get confused when they hear the name for the first time. Clean eating does not mean washing the dirt off the vegetables or cleaning the pulses. It also doesn’t mean deboning the mutton and chicken. It doesn’t mean cleaning the utensils before eating the food. It doesn’t mean consuming a particular amount of calories or a particular nutrient per day. Clean Eating should not be confused with cleanliness and hygiene.

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The bun is made of refined wheat flour. The cheese is made of processed milk. The frozen patty is made of mutton or vegetables and has been deep fried. It is frozen in order to increase its shelf life. So, you really don’t know how long back it was made. The sauce is made of pureed vegetables along with additives and preservatives. The veggies that are present in a particular burger are always the same. Wonder why? Even if it’s not a seasonal vegetable, it is there in your burger. Well, it has been purchased long back and frozen to be put in to your burger whenever you want one! Each and every item that goes in to making your mouth watering burger is made up of processed foods or foods that are not in their naturally occurring form. They have been topped with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives to make it look the way they are – highly appealing and

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