Concept Of Deculturalization

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New Concepts

1. The first new idea that I learned was from page 27, chapter 2 of Deculturalization. This portion of the chapter reflects on the history of when Sequoyah created a Cherokee alphabet of his own ideas. “The genius of Sequoyah’s alphabet was that because each of the 86 characters matched a particular sound in the Cherokee language, it was possible for a Cherokee to quickly become literate in Cherokee” (Deculturalization 27). To me, it is so amazing to think that someone created an entire written language by themselves to make others literate in their language. He wanted to create a written language to allow a Cherokee to become fully literate in Cherokee like a European would be in their own language. When I was reading this portion,
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My third new concept comes from the “Treaties Matter” online link from D2L. The piece that stood out to me that most was the tab on the left home screen titled U.S.-American Indian Treaties in Minnesota. This tab highlights on the idea of who gave what to whom which was very eye opening to me. I have always thought until I read this portion that the U.S. government was being nice to the Native Americans by giving them specific land to live on but that is not the case because the opposite is true. The Dakota and Ojibwe leaders gave up larger portions of their homelands to in return receive small reservations. The only reason that these leaders signed these treaties to receive back very little land is because they believed that this was the only way to keep their people alive. The lands that the Native Americans were previously calling their homelands were immediately sold and used for their resources (timber, mining, gold etc.) I like the quote under the Treaty Timeline portion that highlights this best as quoted by Ohiyesa, “The greatest object of their lives seems to be to acquire possessions-to be rich. They desire to possess the whole world” (Why Treaties Matter, How Treaties Changed Lands and Lifeways) I think that this another example of how we have been socialized to believe the Eurocentric perspective that is taught in textbooks. I have never heard of the opposite idea that the government didn’t reach out and help the Native Americans but only granted them a small portion of their land and took the rest. As a teacher, I want to include all perspectives for my students so they can see the world from multiple ways. I think it is important to hear about cultures and what they have overcame to fully appreciate and celebrate diversity. I want my students to know that to every story there is two sides to discover to hear the full perspective on a concept. I want my students to hear the quote that Ohiyesa stated so they understand how important it is to not be
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