Concept Of Delegation

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As with any kind of work that you have to complete, one thing to do is to learn how to manage task properly yourself, so that when you delegate it, the results will meet or exceed your expectations.
Delegation is the assignment of responsibility and accountability for specific outcomes. It can be temporal or permanent
Delegation is not the giving out of jobs or tasks. A delegated task normally takes longer time to complete. It doesn’t involve telling people what to do but rather involves making clear the outcomes and results they are expected to achieve. They are to work out how it will be done and the steps involved.
The team
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It is of vital importance for effective and efficient functioning of an organization. It lessens the burden of top executives by relieving them of work load in taking routine decisions that others can take efficiently.
When top managers delegate some roles, they can concentrate on some vital aspects of management. Delegations help in quick decision making relating to various matters.
Subordinates are trained through the process of delegation and it also builds their morale by providing ample opportunities for executive’s development. This opportunity also stimulates subordinates to perform their duties well as it has a tonic effect on their psychology.
Delegation can be one of management’s best techniques because of the satisfaction and motivation it gives workers as it helps better their performance and it also maintains a health relationship between the manager and his subordinates by clearly defining the authority and I responsibility of his subordinate.
Through delegation, decisions and task assignment can be achieved faster than it would have been and it eliminates cumbersome information system as it confers satisfaction for man’s demand of responsibility and recognition and gives the opportunity to exercise
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Effective delegation brings appreciation and greater understanding among employees. Delegates are given to opportunity to manage tasks that are of particular interest to them. This development of new skills can improve chances of promotion and future career opportunity.
When duties are delegated by superiors, it gives team members the opportunity to learn new skills and enable superiors do the few jobs perfectly well.
Through delegation leaders can get their respect and loyalty from their teammates thus enhancing their credibility as a leader.
Team members have the opportunity of developing and learn new skills as this leads to goal achievement and makes them versatile.
Some task when delegated to team members may find it interesting, this makes it more enjoyable; when you give your teammates more responsibility and authority, it makes them creative as they will begin to use their initiative and imagination and subsequently leads to new idea and solution to problems that you may not have recognized, this subsequently instils in your team a feeling of
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