Sociological Theory Analysis

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Assignment - Sociological Concepts and Contemporary Concerns
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Topic- Social Institution are universal and so is deviance in these institutions. Critically analyze the statement in the light of different perspective and your lived experience.

Deviance refers to a behavior or any action which violates the established social norm which are the rules, experiences and traditional values through which the people in the society are guided. The absence of conformity of these norms, values is called as deviance. Deviance can be both non-criminal and criminal. Deviance is a complex concept because the existential norms vary from one culture to the other. Thus, Deviancy is also related to time and different
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Merton explained deviance in terms of means and ends as part of his strain/anomie Theory. According to Merton, there is a consensus in the society regarding the socially approved goals which are to be attained through the socially approved means. He stated that anomie is the state where the social goal (end) and the legitimate means to attain them do not correspond with each other. Merton’s theory explains deviance as the result of social strains because of the way the society is structured. For some, the societal strain becomes overwhelming to the point where they commit a deviant behavior as a way to manage the strain. The deviance is the result of their feelings of anomie -- meaningless due to not able to understand how the social norms are affecting them. This is usually because the norms are confusing, conflicting and weak. He believed that a deviant behavior of an individual or a group in the society emerges due to a strain or pressure regarding the “goal” of the society and the “means” to achieve…show more content…
Education serves several distinct purposes regarding deviance. First of all, education itself is a deterrent to deviance. Children through the education system learn very early about crime and its repercussion as punishment. Children learn it in the education and school curriculum, but also learn it in a practical manner. They are often punished by their teachers for cheating, fighting, and for other deviant behaviors. Hence, the education system plays a pivotal role in social control by producing compliant citizens who are able to understand what a deviant behavior is and what is not. Although education is used as an instrument to avoid deviance, it can unknowingly perpetuate it as well. Teachers consider some of the students as trouble makers and are stricter towards them. The peer group of these troublemakers also labializes the child for his/her deviant behavior. Thus in such cases, child faces the identity crises and continues his deviant behavior. If such deviant behavior is not properly managed by the teacher and the Parents, it could lead to a more troublesome personality of the child later

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