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In the beginning of this essay, we should mention diplomacy as concept which has role in the world development. Nowadays, one of the famous definitions is made by Hedley Bull. He argues that diplomacy can be defined as “the conduct of relations between states and other entities with standing in world politics by official agents and by peaceful means” [Bull. 1997:156]. On the other hand we have Watson’s concept of diplomacy as process of negotiation between political entities which acknowledge each of other’s independence [Watson. 1984:33]. However, through those two concepts we can understand that the main role of diplomacy is to maintain international order and to maintain the change of the society. With the widening of the studies, different…show more content…
This approach to the society is still new and its concepts are not widely developed yet, but it is considered as revolution in the practice of diplomacy. This way of conduction the international relations changes the way of how different issues, strategies or negotiations will be pursued in future. There is strong opinion that digital diplomacy should be understood as extension of the soft power and public diplomacy concepts. However, Marcus Holmes defines digital diplomacy as a “strategy of managing change through digital tools and virtual collaborations” [Bjola,C. & Holmes, M. 2015:15]. On the other hand digital diplomacy has been used interchangeably with other terms that include e-diplomacy, cyber diplomacy or twiplomacy, which target its exclusive online dimension and nature. Digital diplomacy has been presented also as the use of the Internet and information communications technology in order to carry out diplomatic objectives [Hanson 2010], or to solve foreign policy problems (Foreign Commonwealth Office 2012) [Bjola,C. & Holmes, M.…show more content…
After the 9/11 attack the first Taskforce on eDiplomacy was established in 2002 under Secretary Colin Powell. In 2003, the task force was reorganized into the Office of eDiplomacy. The main programs of the State Department are Dilopedia, Communities @ State, State's OpenNet network, The Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) program and other, which work for the digital development of the state institutions. Another important role into the implementation of this diplomacy into the government is UK. The country established Office of Digital Diplomacy in its Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since then the office has developed different digital strategies which are used as an example. More and more countries start to use different digital tool to develop their international relations. One of the most developed policies towards this tendency is

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