Concept Of Discipline In The Classroom

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Discipline is the required effort by a teacher towards a learner to correct disobedience. Class room management is a term which is mostly used by teachers to describe the action of making sure that classroom lessons are in order, despite disruptive behaviour by learners. The purpose of this essay is to understand what other authors elaborate the word discipline. In this essay, I will be describing various authors’ interpretation of the concept discipline/classroom management and highlight scenarios of disciplinary problems in the classroom with strategies that I as a teacher I will put in place.

According to Foucault (1975) He defined discipline as a way of controlling the movement and operations of the body in a constant way, the method by which control become possible. The teacher is the leader and no child has a right to interfere with learning of any learner, rules are laid out straight and forward. Assertive discipline is a structured systematic approach designed to assist educators in running an organized, teacher-in-charge classroom environment (Canter, 1976). He believes you have the right to bring out the best in learners. Classroom management is one of the method and strategy teachers use to maintain a classroom. Teachers with best discipline strategies establish good expectations, guidelines and rules for behaviour during the first week of the class. The goal of preventative discipline is to provide proactive intervention to potential disruptive behaviour by
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