Fundamentals Of Engineering Thermodynamics

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1 Introduction
Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics play an important role in achieving/moving towards better world through performance and improved designs by the measurement of factors like increase in output of final product, a reduction in input of a scarce resource, reduction in over-all cost & reduction in environmental impact. Often engineers requires to use the concept of thermodynamics and other engineering sciences like fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer, to analyse and reinvent things intended for human comfort and safety
Science of thermodynamics is much older than the Second World War and since then it has been one of the most important pillars in the development of the world. Thus the focus in this chapter is to know the art of transforming energy from the sources of fuel like fossil fuel and nuclear fuel in to more usable forms like electrical energy, rotational and heat ventilation and air conditioning through the understanding of important definitions/concepts.
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Engineering professionals are interested in studying systems and their interaction with the

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