Concept Of Family Communication

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2.6. The Concept of Family communication
The word communication is derived from the Latin word communis, which means common or general. It is what we attempt to do when we communicate. Communication is a dynamic ongoing and ever changing process. Communication involves transferring and sharing of meaning, ideas, thought expressed in symbols, such as written, speech, cloth….etc. Its importance involves people in the process of communication. In any conversation in a family or institution, there are always components of communication. These components could be described as sources, receiver, channel, message and feedback (Sethuraman, 2001). Again as the effectiveness of communication within any families are attributes of communication , such
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In fact communication happens not only when we talk to each other, but we communicate every time we use speech, signals, and writing to exchange ideas and information through verbal, visual and non- verbal ways of communication (Kunze, 2010). This could also among family members. Communication is central to the family and to its functioning. This is especially true for the two primary functions of such as development and manages of family. Family development includes communication that encouraging both verbal and nonverbal behaviors for encouraging and supportive interaction of family. Family manage also includes communication that is central to guiding, influencing, and limiting the types of behaviors evidenced by family…show more content…
According, (Oslon, 2000), by nature communication is important at every stage of close relationship, it also important among family members with its contents for the clarity of interaction. Families of different cultural group have core issues of communication among family members. These contents or core issues of family communication has its own importance among family members. Each members of the family communicated based on their contents or subject matter to agree or disagree among each family member. Because, there are different contents of family communication among mixed family from different cultural groups for the better understanding of family interaction it also among the family from same cultural groups. The contents may include, ways family communication, family relationship, sexuality, self-disclosure (open to each other), and socialization with respective family members or sense of belongings, financial management, cultural and language and family interaction, like child parent communication with relatives. All these are the focuses of the
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