Summary: The Concept Of Feminism

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The Invalid Concept of Feminism Today Through decades and centuries, society has matured. Perspectives of people have changed, mostly for the better. In fact, gender equality has been achieved in terms of position and reputation. These changes were accomplished through different approaches, which include the concept of feminism. Although gender equality has been firmly built, feminists have not stopped their action under a belief that today’s state is insufficient. However, I strongly disagree with the opinion of feminists regarding that the greatest task of feminism, gender equality, seems to be accomplished, and I argue that it is men who are actually struggling in society. The concept of feminism started in 1848 and has had many achievements…show more content…
The main reason lies in the fact that men face more detriment than women in modern society. U.S. men, statistically, make up 97% of combat fatalities, 92% of occupational deaths, 76% of homicides, 80% of suicides, about 140,000 rape cases in U.S. prisons alone, 66% of all victims of robberies and non-domestic aggravated assault, and 60-80% of the homeless. When funded, women’s cancer receives 15 times more funding than men’s (Perry, 2009.) Statistically, the vast majority of violence is committed against men, but campaigns on Violence against Women (Wikipedia) were the ones that headlined news. These facts indicate that men’s problems do not get attention, although those problems are often more severe than…show more content…
However, to attain gender equality, men’s problems of inequality should also be changed as protectors of women from death. In the past, this made sense as men were physically stronger while women were a reproductive force, but with the advance of technology and civilization, men’s muscles and physical advantages became useless because these traits do not make them any more immune to bullets and bombs than women. In consequence of the not-so-recent rise of empowered women in the Western world, the media depicts women as protagonists and grants them more importance in society, as seen in the TV drama The Walking Dead through Negan’s comment “I don’t enjoy killing women. Men? I can waste them all the livelong.” Gender equality must be practiced as it is immoral to have biases based on one’s gender, but it should not be done by increasing women’s rights, as feminists argue – it should be done by lessening the inequality between both

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