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In the Filipino setting, the family serves as the center of every individual’s social life. (Mulder, 1994) The family is often guided by the hard work of both parents, where they have their own obligations to keep the family close. In this context, the mother is usually the focus for she owns the self-sacrifice and life-giving qualities. Being a child, and as a recipient of a mother’s love, the children are expected to pay their mother’s gratitude in a form of debt. It is the Filipino notion of “Utang na loob”, for our mothers sacrificed even their own wants to keep our families close and comfortable. The mother’s benevolence is usually at a point where we cannot put into words and actions on how to repay her. This act of the mother is expected…show more content…
But as our parents are expected to work their hardest for our families sake, we as children, are expected to repay them with respect, obedience and care. Our actions are often very limited for we want to keep the good order and reputation of our family to the community. These basic concepts are very common and consistent in every family which makes this a part of a basic view of social life. One of the instruments to maintain the order in the family is the hierarchal organization. In the concept of hierarchal organization, the children are expected to respect their elders for there is this seniority complex in the Filipino family and even for the Filipino society. In Mulder’s work, he writes, “The principle of hierarchy is complex; it has many facets. The primary would be relative inequality, based, if on nothing else, on age. Another facet is moral, and flows from goodness received. A third highlight is order and authority” Niels Mulder wanted to know how Filipinos “look at life and how they understand it.” And this would lead us to a better understanding of Filipino culture. Filipino culture goes way back to our ancestors and we all…show more content…
This research aims to contribute ideas to the Filipino individual. We may be deeply religious, but how much do we challenge our own faith and beliefs? I believe this is one way of exercising our faith, by questioning the things that may have not been questioned by the busy Filipino individual. Too busy to probably think and challenge what he is used to believe in. The topic has been a personal interest to me and I believe that by this research I may re-explore and critique my own

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