Concept Of Gender Equality

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Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
1. Introduction
The concept of gender equality is a broad concept for achieving the freedom of individuals to choose their life-style and develop their abilities without any gender-related obstacles, while emphasizing the equal opportunities for access, obtainment, and use of resources by both sexes. This is linked to the empowerment of girls and women to achieve their goals and ability to manage Their practical and strategic lives, especially decision-making in daily life requirements.
From this conceptual point of view, all partners working on achieving gender equality led by the Ministry of Women's Affairs, government partner institutions such as gender units, women's institutions,
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This issue has emerged as a top priority in the National Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality 2017-2022 with many important steps, the adoption of a national strategy to combat violence for the period 2011-2019, the formation of a national committee to implement resolution 1325, and its adoption of a national plan to address Israeli violations and encroachments. With other major consultative measures on the Family Protection Act against violence, which is expected to be passed at any moment. As well as the approval of the Council of Ministers for the establishment of a national observatory to combat violence against women, with a view to formulating periodic policies resulting from the field. As well as to ensure that the survey of violence against women through the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics is conducted periodically and effectively. It is planned that the survey of domestic violence against women will be issued in the middle of 2018. It also approves the conversion system through its various procedures. In view of all the procedures in place and the reality on the ground, the violence is still very widespread, reaching a statistical average for the last survey period in 2012. 37% of the couples are abusing their wives, and 16% of unmarried women are still subjected to violence from a family member. We are waiting for the 2018 survey to compare the procedures with reality, with our prediction that the percentage will rise because of the large awareness of the women institutions and to explain to them about the violence and its conceptualities and challenges and ways to confront it, creating a great awareness among women to distinguish between the situation of violence and evidence in fact providing protection conditions. Psychological violence is the most common type of violence, with 59%, followed by physical violence

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