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The Human Identity Who conscious As Creation and Justice Mission
Different science is different also understood of identity. From the perspective of philosophy considers that human identity is about the substance (creatures a rational and is able to find the experience and be able to avoid contradictions and vagueness) emphasizing the human ego and selfhood. From the sociological perspective to understand that human identity is being aware of who they are to others and who the other person for himself. From the perspective of the cultural to understand that human identity is being a cultured.
Looking at the various background are so very complex, have exposed the author to an idea of the identity of human creations, becomes a answer relevant
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Since the time of creation, man has entered a cultural identity, the God's culture God. God entered God's culture is the initiative of God. Culture of God who authors intent in this case is where humans are mandated for maintenance and preservation of his world creation, and to do the job, God confers nefes hayah (breath) for humans. Nefes hayah makes human beings work and as God's people. And people have to live within the rules, laws, and statutes of God. God's law is the law of love. So the man in all the realities of life must see everything that intersect in their lives from the paradigm of God. So the human identity as a creature was motivated to do all the laws, commands, and statutes it is out of love, with declares the human identity as a creature can glorify his…show more content…
Globalization must be understood as an effort cretio continua from human beings on God's mandate in the maintenance of the universe. So the this paradigm will stem the opinions of some people who tried to blame globalization. Identity of human as creations must be open with all forms of renewal, even should be doers of renewal. Should blend with any form of change, but he should not be immerse them selves into it. In this case people also must understand that he is a creature that has the founding and identity. The author saw that the cause of the disharmony that is when humans choose to immerse himself in age of globalization, to impose all his demands must be fulfilled, advanced equipment and technology to be possessed. Finally, this is the trigger for extremely complex problems, such as: hedonism, corruption, exploitation, individualistic, subjectivism, and nepotism. In the end the values of harmony is

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