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2.0 Introduction
This section relates to the various ideas propounded by the various researchers relating to the study topic and also look at the various practical experience that has being investigated relating to the research study
2.1 Concept of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
The concept of ICT is understood in a simple form by many researchers. Hence, ICT is put in simple form as the means through various schools use of computer-based communications technology which serves as a network to find information. This involves the combination of computer hardware and software that is use for teaching and learning and information resources (Goay and Wong, 2003). Therefore, there are three rationales
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In the view from Bigum (1997), his argument expressed that school system within which the computer is used, is driven by computers. Hence, a change occurs within the education system using the computer and that change is as a result of the effect of technology. Therefore, Drent and Meelissen (2008, p.187), “identify three objectives for the integration of ICT in basic school education level. They includes; the use of ICT as a discipline or profession; ICT as a teaching or learning medium; and the use of ICT as an object of…show more content…
Hence, the use of ICT in pre-technical skills in basic schools is vital contributions of ICT in the field of education since it allows easy access to learning. In this regard, students can now browse through e-books, sample examination papers, previous year papers through the help of ICT in schools. This flexibility has heightened the availability of just-in-time learning and provided learning opportunities for many more learners that previously were constrained by other commitments (Young, 2002). It is observed that using ICT helps students to communicate, share ideas, and work as a team and also helps to involve the students in a global collaborative learning.
2.3.4 ICT Improves the Learning Environment and

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