Concept Of Local Self Government

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1. Local Self-government.
Local self- government means the ‘’right and ability of local authorities within the restrictions of law to control and manage important share of public affair under their own responsibility and interest of the population’’. (Council of Europe 1985)(Wikipedia). According to the council of Europe (1985) the concept of local self-government can also be define as a system in which citizen of a country or a smaller political unit such as a state rule themselves and control their own consists of elected representatives which are freely elected by ballot on the basis of direct, equal, universal suffrage, and which may possess executive organs responsible to them. (Council of Europe 1985).Local self-government is chosen by the community and it is accountable for fulfilling local needs of people remaining in control of local administration. (Wikipedia). ‘’These establishments ‘work is influenced by state legislatures and they exercises power stated in the act by which they are established, the elected representatives receive government grants for their activities like sanitation, providing elementary education and settling disputes.’’ (Council of Europe 1985).

2. The constitutional provision that affirms the idea of local self-government in South Africa.
In terms of section 40 of the constitution (1996)Constitutional Provision is made for a three-sphere system of government comprising National, provincial and local spheres, which are
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