Essay On Reincarnation

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A Thousand Bodies For One Soul
“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn,” ( Gandhi).
The reincarnation is, for most of the scientists, a fascinating idea of soul’s rebirth. In the Hinduism reincarnation is considered as a punishment for the past mistakes, or as a gift because of the good works and help provided to others. History records different believes of reincarnation: into the animals, plants or human being. But the Catholic Church considers reincarnation; an impossible transition of soul from one form to another. The Catholic Church believes that after death, based on your previous life, your soul goes either in: heaven, purgatory or hell. The science and the medicine is denying the Catholic
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His biggest discovery, the reason to study reincarnation, was the girl from Sri Lanka who remembered her past life, and she answered 24 statements correctly about her previous hometown. He also states that, hypnosis is less reliable, than collecting memories from children, at the early stage of life. One of his ways of connecting memories from people’s previous life is by birthmarks and birth defects, which could be the cause of…show more content…
Her strongest belief is that the people under hypnosis cannot remember their past life. They are recalling only their childhood memories, and could get confused in all the pictures. So it’s likely possible, that they will start to use their imagination to provide more details. Most of the subjects said that they were some kind of famous person like: Napoleon, Cleopatra, J.F. Kennedy and other. What is, like she said, highly ridiculous, foolish, and the cause of that could be movies or documentary about historical
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