Concepts Of Research In Nursing

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Concept 1:- concept of RESEARCH
This concept is taken from module 1 title basic research terms and concepts of research
Research according to the advanced learner’s dictionary of current English is a careful investigation of inquiry especially thorough search for new facts in any branch of knowledge.
Polit and Beck (2012), state that research is a scientific process. It is scientific because the results are verifiable. It is a systematic search for answers to question about fact and relationship between facts. Burns & Grove(1997) in Akinsola (2005) opined that the root meaning of the word research is to search again or to examine carefully. It is a diligent, systematic inquiry or investigation to validate and refine existing knowledge and
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He went further to define nursing research as a systematic inquiry designed to develop trustworthy evidence about issues of importance to the nursing profession, including nursing practice, education, administration and information(Research handout 2016).
Basavanthappa (2007) states the purpose of research that it extends the knowledge of human beings, social life and environment, that it helps to find answers to questions or solution to problems.
That research unravels the mysteries of nature as it brings to light hidden information that might never be discovered fully during the course of life.
Research verifies and test existing facts and theory, which helps in improving our knowledge and ability to handle situations and events.
Research established generalization and general laws and it contributes to body of knowledge and theory building in various fields of
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Research also requires expertise.
• Research involve the quest for answers to unsolved problems
• Research should be carefully recorded and reported and that research sometimes requires courage this could be due to opposition of political and religious authorities.
Basavanthappa (2007) opined that research helps to portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual, situations or a group. Personally, research at every stage is a painstaking exercise.
As a researcher there is the need to be open minded and be positive to all possibilities. Open mindedness requires consideration of all alternatives in research I have learnt that I need a lot of courage that will allows me to survive the poor weather condition.

Research unravels the mysteries of nature as it brings to light hidden information that might never be disclosed fully during the ordinary course of life. The research process helps the researcher to develop a sharpened ability that helps them to notice things as they happen and this brings about changes that suggest the need for professional action.

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