Concept Of Romantic Love

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The core assumption of romantic love involves a combination of three innate behavioural systems: attachment, caregiving and sex (Mikulincer 2002: 23). The rules of love assigned specific roles to men and women, where men became a knight in shining armour, and later breadwinners. While women hold true to the roles of being damsel in distress, passive and dependent creatures in need of rescue (Simon, 1995:167). The complexity of religion can be explained as a set of beliefs govern by doctrines in creation from a supernatural agency, usually involving ritual practices and devotion and often contains a moral code regulating the conduct of human affairs . In this view, it seems that religion has an important say in the manipulation of romantic love among Man.

Hence this essay will aim to argue on the issue that religion is incompatible with romantic love, using both Christianity and Islam as the focus, by first paying attention to the ideal types of love and relating it to romantic love. This essay will be largely based on the argument of long lasting relationship as it is ultimately the idealised conception of romantic love . Following this notion, it will then identify the beliefs of romantic love in religious contexts, from the recognition of the different notions of romantic love shaped by both traditional Christian and Islam religious traditions and commitments, to the constraints put in place in various situations. Finally, it shall conclude in the response of romantic
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