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6.2 Concept In giving more understanding about the types and meaning of slang words in this study, slang as the concept in this study need to be described. The type of slang words are affects the meaning of slang words. The concept of this study is based on the general ideas proposed by experts in their fields. 6.2.1 The Concept of Slang Slang is a word when a person allows to create a new word by their creativity and also make that word become informal word in term of use. According to Spolsky (1998), Slang is a kind of jargon that marked by it is rejection of formal rules, it is comparative freshness and it is common ephemerality, and it is marked use to claim solidarity in a group membership, is in important social force that has a major impact on language. Slang is primarily speech claiming group membership, slang is often associated with peer group and gang speech intentionally used to ovation degree of secrecy. 6.2.2 The Concept of Word Formation According to Bauer (1983), word formation is a traditional label, and one which is useful, but it does not generally cover all possible ways of forming everything that can be called a word. Word formation can also be contrasted with the formation of idiomatic expressions, though sometimes words can form from multi-word phrases. 6.3 Theoretical Framework This study begins by using some theory that support the analysis of the study, the first theory come from Robert Chapman from his book A Dictionary of American Slang

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