Spirituality In Nursing

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INTRODUCTION “Most importantly, the meaning of spirituality lays the seeds for our destiny and the path we must follow.” (Wilner, J. 2014). Spirituality is often seen with stories of self-actualization; on how it was an important aspect in moving forward that helped with being mature. This concept analysis aims to understand the role of spirituality in developing a sense of self. Spirituality can be defined differently by people but one thing that is common is how developing spirituality can help in dealing with challenges that make them a better person (Wilner, J. 2014). But how does it help? Is it enough to simply believe in a more powerful force? Milam P. (2014) says that spirituality can assist the public to take on healthier lifestyle…show more content…
But questions have been brought up regarding how spiritual care is given and how the nurse’s experience with spiritual care affects their future actions (Taylor, 2005). Furthermore, Deal (2010) argues that nurses give more importance to the physiological aspect of care and often disregard the patient’s spirit. This may be connected to the lack of spiritual care in nursing education. Despite wanting to administer spiritual care, nurses hinder themselves from doing so because of the lack of preparation in the spiritual field (Piles, 1990). Azak, Çetinkaya & Dündar (2010) stated further that even though nurses are not trained sufficiently in the topic of spiritual care, they have been known to have a high awareness on its significance in giving integrated patient…show more content…
A study by De Vera, Lagpao & Velasco (2013) discloses that children who were abused seek advice from their church mates who helped them cope with their situation. Spiritual practice is also linked with greater happiness, life satisfaction and general well-being. It is also associated with psychological well-being such as lower anxiety and higher self-esteem (Gartner, Larson and Allen, 1991). Some people feel that they are called into a certain profession because a higher power such as God has brought them into it (Crooks, 2013). Different people have various ways of spiritual practices. Some use worship, meditation and prayer and such and appear to contribute to personal and social development through a deepened sense of spirituality (Lewis, 2006). Nurses do simple measures for spiritual care such as sitting with patients and listening to them, answering their queries and also explaining procedures (Deal, 2010). It is evident from those stated above how spirituality provides a sense of direction and meaningfulness in life’s challenges (Chai,

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