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ummarization and Critical Review about [Local Perception of Tourism Development: A Conceptual Framework for the Sustainable Cultural Tourism] Seung Yeoun Kim(Martín) The scientific paper [Local perception of Tourism Development : A conceptual Framework for the sustainable culture tourism] discusses the importance of local perception of tourism development to achieve sustainable culture and tourism. First, It talks about the definition of sustainable tourism, the definition of cultural tourism, and the principles of sustainable culture and tourism. And emphasizes the increasing importance of stakeholders and community in heritage management and planning in accordance with their definitions and principles. It also asserts that it is necessary…show more content…
7). This concept of sustainable tourism was adapted from the idea of sustainable development which is development that takes care of the needs of the present generations without challenging the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This means that we should not do indiscriminate development of tourism resources and that we must let our future generations inherit the full tourism resources to meet their…show more content…
The social exchange paradigm can be a useful theory that can explain both the positive and negative impacts of the tourism industry as perceived by the host group. According to this theory, people always pursue what is valuable, which means that the perceived value is one of the crucial factors that determines the residents' awareness of the tourist. Andereck et al. (2005) explains that "stakeholders' attitudes toward and support for tourism in their community will be influenced by their evaluations of the actual and perceived outcomes tourism has in their community". It means that if perception of local community is base on benefit from an exchange they evaluate it positively and therefore they help to promote and develop tourism. For example when exchange of resources (expressed in terms of power) between residents and tourism is high and balanced, or high for the host actor in an unbalanced relation, tourism impacts are viewed positively by residents. When exchange of resources is low in either the balanced or unbalanced exchange relation, the impacts are viewed

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