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Video 1 and 2 on Key Concepts about Tourism

What is tourism?
Tourism is a business of providing tourists services to tourists.
Tourism can be providing tours, such as bus tour in London, or providing services like accommodation, galleries or museum. Tourism is not focused on organizing holiday, it’s rather on organization of the things that the people enjoys holiday.

What are the different types of tourism?
There are three different types of tourism.
Local tourism, a tourism in the main area that individual lives. (Go to the bund in Shanghai)
National tourism, a tourism that occurs within the country but not in the living area. (Travel to Beijing or Tianjin).
International tourism is a type of tourism that takes place in outside the
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Physical tourist attraction (Statue of Liberty)is attraction that something that you can see, take photo, touch it. Physical tourist attraction doesn’t affect by change in time.
Cultural tourist attraction (Octoberfest, Chinese Moon Festival) is some kind of event that tourists may be experienced. Cultural tourist attraction changes day by day.

Man-made attraction is a physical structure or which is built or organized by man, such as Louvre or Olympic game.
Natural attraction is a natural physical feature that is unusual or beautiful, such as mountain Everest or great barrier reef.
Negative attraction is a attribute of an area that makes people choose not to visit the location, like China’s air pollution.

Man-made tourist attraction
Why is it important to understand tourism?
Tourism contributes big portion of country’s economy. In Australia, tourism contributes about 35 billion dollars in national economy. Also, nation spend many tax revenue on tourism. Therefore, it is important to people to recognize where the taxation is spent.
Tourism actually employs lots of people, high concentration people are employed at tourism industry.
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Ancient Greek actually visited other city to watch Olympic games. Moreover, there were travel writings, such as Herodotus’s the histories.

Classical tourism(BC 600-AD 600)
Travel and tourism continued into classical era.
Roman empire developed the road network through Europe.
Traveling tourism was undertaken by wealthy people who were seeking fun.
In this time period, Romans developed Spa holiday and beach holiday.
16th century Beginning of modern tourism
Wealthy people take tourism.
Young, wealthy men were main tourists at that time period.
They took grand tour of Europe, which took more than twenty years for tourists.
There are many goals for the tour, such as having broader perspective, overseeing of parents, and acquiring social connection.
19th century developments
There were significant technological developments in Europe.
Development in railroad system provided much faster, more relaxing, and less expensive transportation for tourists.
Development in railroad system encourages short trip,
Development of steam ship encouraged people to travel the places that were impossible to travel.
By this time period, middle-class people may travel in their holiday.
Contemporary tourism
Economic growth led great amount of people available to take
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