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Any profession apart from the activities pertaining to its area also involves a collection of problem-solving activities for the smooth running of the entity. All professions have particular definitions of their problems, their goals and their solutions.. What is deemed to be a problem in one profession may not be a problem in another. Within most professions, there exists a general consensus about its axiology, its etiology and its therapy. The reasons why this is the case should be the subject of scrutiny as well. This seems evident enough, but surprisingly, such a perspective is simply overlooked in most academic curricula. Students in Economics are not supposed to study the very meaning of the concept of ’value’, just as students in Medicine…show more content…
Value development denotes different things to different people. The process of value development can be visualized from philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives. Lawrence Kohlberg is of the opinion that moral development is the meeting ground of philosophy and psychology. One of the distinguishing features of Indian philosophy is that throughout its long history, it has continuously given the foremost place to values. Our aim of value development and education is derived from this root. Value development is amalgamation of several forces. It is a multidimensional, comprehensive process whereby an individual learns to consciously choose, think logically and adopt the norms of values governing the conduct and behavior. Values are reflected in the personality of the individual in its various dimensions--physical, intellectual, emotional and…show more content…
But for this, a teacher will have to cultivate his readiness for values. There should not be any difference in his speech and deed, because deed is a more effective and permanent manner than speech. It is a teacher who can carry his serious, moral and practical responsibility of educating the young people, guide them and give them emotional security. Therefore, a teacher will have to play an effective role in the guidance of the immature young students. The parents are responsible for a child’s physical security and basic emotional security, but a teacher understands the basic educational process in order to strengthen the concepts of citizenship, duties and rights, so that a student may make effort to become a great citizen of the nation. A teacher can give him a broad outlook for personal freedom, coordinating his rights and social responsibilities together. For this, it is necessary that a teacher is motivated and encouraged and solid conceptual change be brought in him. As a teacher, with this change in

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