Conception Of Abortion In Canada

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Abortion is considered as a sin by many, but is also measured as the answer to certain issues such as overpopulation. According to the recent studies, Canada has fluctuated extremely from being the most pro-life country around the globe to one of the most pro-choice. As a country known for its multiculturalism, many immigrates and emigrates, bringing one of their prized possession – religion. Having said, this issue of abortion in Canada, through the lens of religion, with the views of conflict and functionalism theorist, shapes their stance in regards to the culture and ethics of their affiliated faith. The significant way of looking at the issue of abortion can be seen through human rights, religion and when life begins meaning, when one…show more content…
In Christianity, abortion is considered as a bad omen, an evil practice and non-acceptable by God. Catholic Christians shares the same belief, teaching abortion as in immoral sin whoever is caught with the wrong doing is subject to excommunication from the church. Christians uses the argument from O’Rourke and Boyle (2011), that “You shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb.” They also value and teaches that life is a sacred gift from God for men and women our created in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:27). Other well-known faith such as Jehovah witness, Protestants and Hinduism also shares the common stand in condemning abortion. Buddhism and Judaism does not forbid nor permit abortion, unless for serious reasons. In accordance to a Muslim view, an article written by Wiebe, Najafi, Soheil and Kamani (2011), talks about the prospect of the Muslim women. The following women were presented for abortion. They are a good example for how one changes their views from pro-choice to pro-life, while considering their religion. Like Buddhism and Judaism, Muslims believed that “abortion is permitted if the mother’s health is endangered” (Wiebe et al., 2011), which in accordance, is written in their holy scripture ―the…show more content…
Anti-abortion activists, for example, value the life of unborn embryos and fetuses; pro-choice activists value the right of women to control their own body and reproductive decisions like carrying the child. These different value positions reflect different subjective interpretations of what constitutes a social problem, causing a conflict between the two sides. For anti-abortionists, the availability of abortion is the main social problem while for pro-choice advocates, restrictions on abortion is the social problem. The conflict theory contrasts the functionalist perspective due to the fact that conflict theories sees the need for abortion to solve the inclination of population. Also sees the cost of pregnancy as expensive, moreover, the course of raising a child, forcing one to work hard to earn such to support a child. Functionalist sees this as an economy provider, giving jobs, creating an orderly system. However, both parties, does not seem to consider the ethics of the human life as well as the human rights but rather what is best for the economy and the matters in the societal

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