Conceptment Five: The Importance Of Organizational Leadership In Leadership

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CONCEPT 5: AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP IN NURSING Definition: - Is a management style in which the authority figure of a group or organization deals with and communicates with his or her followers in a truthful and direct way. (I) SIGNIFICANCE OF AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP IN NURSING - It contributes to the growth and development of a healthier work environment. - It helps to build trust and healthier work environment that promote patient safety and excellence in love and recruit and retain staff. (II) IMPLEMENTATIONAL ACTIVITES IN AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP - Creating vision and have insight. Being able to look at complex situation gain clarity and determine a course of action. - Ability to demonstrate initiatives and go first. - Create impart and make…show more content…
- Authentic leaders are open and honest and this encourages others to be forth coming with their own ideas, challenges, and prospective. - They facilitate higher quality relationship leading to active engagement of employees in the work place activities, which result to greater job satisfaction and higher productivity and performance. - They model and support follow self determination in the work place which leads to work place empowerment. SUMMARY:- Authentic leaders are honest and truthful. They contribute to the growth and development of a healthier work environment. CONCLUSION:- Authentic leaders ventures out and takes risk and has a goal to exceed the standards of care, and is a trailblazer in the field of nursing. Authentic nursing leadership is multifaceted. CONCEPT 6: STAFFING IN AN ORGANIZATION Definition: - Is a process of hiring, positioning and overseeing employee in an organization. (I) SIGNIFICANCE OF STAFFING IN NURSING - Adequate staffing reduces medical and medication errors. - Decreases patient implication. - Right staffs are placed in right position of work. - Decreases mortality. - Improves patient satisfaction - Reduces nurse…show more content…
Staffing help organizations maintain efficiency and productivity. Staffing involves selecting the best people to work in an organization. SUMMARY:- Staffing is important in organization because it enables personnel qualified and efficient to work in their area of expertise and this help in the growth of the organization. CONCLUSION:- Every organization requires appropriate staffing of personnel in order to be successful. CONCEPT 7: CULTURAL BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION Definition: - Culture is a set of shared values that a group of people hold. It is handed from one generation to another. (I) SIGNIFICANCE CULTURAL BARRIER IN NURSING - Cultural differences and languages can impede effective treatment of a patient. (II) IMPLEMENTATIONAL ACTIVITES IN CULTURAL BARRIERS - Translate all relevant documents into the primary language of the employee. - Use an interpreter in language barrier. - Provide language classes. - Determine whether a specific behavior attribute is a requirement of the job. - Identity whether or not you can reasonably accommodate the cultural difference. (III) APPLICATION IN CURRENT PLACE OF

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