The Importance Of Surface Water Pollution

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Surface water pollution
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Surface water is water in rivers, lakes, stream, wetlands and oceans.
Water Pollution is the change in water quality which can cause health risks to living organisms.
1.1 INTRODUCTION Surface water is usually rain water that collects in surface water bodies, like oceans, lakes, or streams and rivers and water pollution is the degradation of quality of water. Water pollution cause risk to people of getting water born disease outbreaks such as Cholera and tuberculosis. According to Botkin & Keller. 2014 “Pollution of surface water
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A variety of pollutants in animal waste can affect human health in several ways, such as causing infections to the skin, eye, ear, nose, and throat. Contaminants from manure can also pollute drinking water sources. Data collected for the EPA’s 2000 National Water Quality Inventory report identified agriculture as the leading known contributor to water impairments in rivers and lakes (, accessed on 16 August…show more content…
In surface water system, major point sources of pollution are municipal sewage treatment plant, industrial facilities and combined sewer overflows. In recent years, agriculture has been identified as the one of the most pervasive contribution to the non-point source of pollution of surface water and groundwater (Battle and Lipeles, 1993).
Water pollution is highly costly in the effect it has on the health of human, other organisms and ecosystem and in the economic damage it inflicts on industries including agriculture. Aside from it’s effects on human health, water pollution causes widespread damage to aquatic ecosystem such as rivers, lakes, wastelands and costal marine areas. A survey by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that more that 17,000(or 10%) of the nation’s streams, rivers and bays are significantly polluted (Michael and Schoch,

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