Conceptual Framework Of Occupational Therapy

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Introduction: An unknown author once said “Having a child with Down syndrome is like taking the scenic route. You still get where you are going. It may take a little longer, but it will be well worth the trip!” (Moyer, 2012). Throughout this trip we call life many different professions find themselves walking along side these individuals to enhance their journey. One of the professions to take their place on the road is Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapists have the unique role of incorporating the clients skills and occupational performance into a intervention that is both purposeful and meaningful in order to achieve a specific outcome that increases an individual’s participation in activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists…show more content…
Nelsons Conceptual Framework of Therapeutic Occupation (CFTO) takes the different factors of the Occupational Profile and integrates them into a treatment plan used to produce a therapeutic occupation (Earley, 2015). In order to fully grasp the interaction seen between the OTPF III and Nelsons CFTO we will look at the intervention and treatment plan for a young man with down syndrome known as…show more content…
A.B. was a 21 year old male who lived in Midland MI with his mother and father. He was attending a post secondary education program at ESA where he was enrolled in their life skills program. At A.B. last Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) he had discussed his desire to live independently with a roommate who is similar in age. His social worker recommended that he meet with an Occupational Therapist to work toward meeting this goal. During evaluation it was evident that A.B. was proficient in his ability to effectively and independently complete all basic activities of daily living. In addition, A.B. reported having a dog in which his parents confirmed he is able to take care on his own, parents also reported that A.B. can independently take public transportation. A.B. demonstrated the ability to maintain his own living space by cleaning up after himself, doing laundry and the dishes as well as practiced safety by locking the doors at night and making sure all appliances were off. However, A.B. was less sufficient with other instrumental activities of daily living which required
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