Concert Critique

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The concert on May 5th turned out to be pretty good. The concert turned out to be enjoyable and was a fun time for people to listen to their children either play an instrument or sing. I heard multiple good things about our concert, things such as how cute the elementary kids were and how good the band played. I think we sounded better than other years. This is the best we will sound when compared to the years to come. We have improved quite a bit, however, which did help us for this concert. There were a few hiccups and the concert in general could have ran a little bit more smoothly. It would have been nice to see more pieces from the 5th grade band and 4th grade recorders, if it is possible for next year it might be nice to see a mix of the two groups together. The song and theme choice was a great idea and that should be kept going throughout the next years. The songs were either sung or played pretty well, but out of those songs there were a few really good, and some that were a little bad and could have needed some more work and practice on. First off are the songs that were really…show more content…
From the whole concert band, “Eyes Open” needed more work on. When we got the song in the beginning, we were pretty good at it, but it still needed more work on and more improvement. It did not help that we did not practice it the day before nor the day of the concert. We did not play together on it very well, neither did we stay together. From the high school band, “The Pink Panther” was a little sketchy in a few spots, especially after the solos. We needed to work on the transitioning of the solos more. After Gracen’s solo, it was really hard for the band to know where we were in the piece. If we had worked the transition more than two times in class, we would have done a little better on the song. Overall, these are inputs that can be put in place for next year to make the band
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