Concert Critique: The Uic Wind Ensemble

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The concert that I attended was the UIC Wind Ensemble concert on October 17, 2015 at 7:30 pm, in the UIC Theater and was about an hour to two hours long. The fist performer I will introduce is Jose Oliver Riojas, which was also the conductor of the concert. Riojas is the assistant professor of music at the University of Illinois in Chicago and the conductor of the Wildacres Saxophone Ensemble. Some other performers was The New Century Saxophone Quartet, Chris Heming way (Member of the Stan Rubin Orchestra), and Ashlee Hardgrave (“Vocal Powerhouse” Soprano Soloist). This concert was played by UIC students. The Composer, which was a guest, of the concert was James Syler. Syler compositional interests were between orchestra, wind ensemble,…show more content…
This piece had very soft tempo and was speeding up and slowing down, which is known as a tempo rubato. The dynamics of this piece started off piano, then mezzo forte and the gradually went soft again. “The work begins at the bottom of the ensemble’s register, and ascends gradually to a heartfelt cry of hope. The main theme that follows, stated by the horns, reveals a more lyrical, serene side of the piece. A second theme, based on a simple repeated harmonic pattern, suggest yet another, more poignant mood. These three moods; hope, serenity, and sadness become intertwined throughout the work, defining its complex expressive character. A four-part canon builds to a climactic quotation of the Columbine Alma Mater. The music recedes, and an offstage trumpeter is heard, suggesting a celestial voice — a heavenly message. The full ensemble returns with a final, exalted statement of the main theme” (Said on the pamphlet). At a part of this piece I heard a long crescendo moving from quiet lyricism to a powerful optimism. This piece made me almost cry a little bit and was a very sad piece to listen too. This piece reminds me of the 911 victims who passed away and all the innocent victims that I knew who passed away from gun…show more content…
This piece was actually one of the longer pieces that were played in this concert and it had some interesting turning points to the point where I felt like I was in a scary movie. This piece started off with a solo trumpet and drum, sounded like I was going to go to war. This piece had an allegretto tempo throughout the whole piece. This piece also had a lot of minor keys. This piece also had both a crescendo and decrescendo because the dynamics of this piece gradually get louder in the piece then gradually gets quiet has the trumpet

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