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Introduction / description of the concert experience as a whole
I went to the FGCU choirs and Fort Myers Mastersingers concert and it was like entering a whole new world. At first I thought a classical concert was designed for an older more sophisticated crowd but I was wrong. As I stepped into the Bower School of Music, I could feel the presence of art all around me. The pristine architecture of the venue was mind blowing. Other concerts that I have attended did not have the same calm but exciting atmosphere that this one had. The silence in the room made my ears and eyes concentrated on the performers. Usually at a concert people are loud and yelling, but if that happened at a classical concert, it would take away from the beauty of the instruments
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This piece had a thick texture and was performed by the University Choir which consists of about sixty singers. The most important person on the stage was the conductor which directed the choir in a graceful way. Three instruments were used in the piece: a piano, a violin, and a tambourine. The soulful piano started the piece. In the first movement the notes were played slowly with lots of rhythm as the female voices came in with a peaceful harmonized melody. Then the female voices stopped as the piano continued to play. Male voices came in with the same soothing tone. Female vocals followed with a loud and fast melody accompanied by a tambourine. The entire mood of the piece seemed to change at this point. Then the melody reverted back to a slow peaceful melody. This time a violin was played along with the piano. The pattern was repeated until there was a moment of silence which transitioned into the second movement. The slow and soothing voice of the choir started the second movement with the piano and violin. Eventually there were no vocals and the piano was played very slow and soft. There were mostly soft taps on the piano to calm the atmosphere. Then short syllables were said by one of the choir members over the ensemble. There was a sustained note by the violin as the piano continued to play in the background. For a couple of seconds it was just the piano and violin gracing the crowd. Softly the voices of the choir carried the melody into gentle

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