Concerted Cultivation And Family Life Analysis

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In our lives there are many factors from our past that shape who we are today. Concerted cultivation is a style of parenting that allows for the parent to schedule activities that will keep the children occupied during their free time. The idea of concerted cultivation is made clear by Annette Lareau the author of the book entitled Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life. She states that parents who organize their children 's lives through concerted cultivation believe that their child will obtain certain knowledge and skills that will help them and set them apart academically and socially. (Lareau, 2011) As shown in the book parents who have brought up their children using concerted cultivation nurture their children 's development and advance their social and cognitive skills by organizing their lives in a particular way. A major component of…show more content…
An aspect of my upbringing that I value the most is being able to spend time with my family immediate and extended. Growing up I was always around family and I was able to notice the importance of family and how meaningful it was to have that family support on my life. I have been able to go to my family with difficult things I was going through as well as when I just wanted to just have a good time. While growing up I have been able to utilize that family support and I truly cherished my family throughout my life. I do believe that being involved in structured activities like Garrett Tallinger is beneficial. As the author states, children who are reared using concerted cultivation develop dispositions and skills that help them to navigate the institutional world. Being involved in these extracurricular activities allows children to obtain certain skills, set priorities, work on a team, shake hands with strangers and manage an itinerary. (Lareau, 2011)The advantages of concerted cultivation and the way Garrett 's life is organized seems to lead to a positive
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