Conch Lord Of The Flies

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Lord Of The Flies Essay Imagine yourself stranded on a island, with limited chance of rescue and no experience living on your own. Lord Of The Flies, a fiction novel by William Golding makes this image become a reality. The story takes place during WW2/Cold War Era and starts out with the description of a plane being shot down from the ocean and crashing into the island. The boys (Ralph and Piggy being the mentioned ones) became scattered and couldn’t find the pilot. Ralph found Piggy while he was walking down the lagoon and they both started looking around for the other boys. While walking, Ralph discovered a shell(the conch) which became quite useful early on. It gathered all the boys together and allowed for a society to be created. However,…show more content…
When it was first found, Piggy saw it as a trumpet and told Ralph to blow into it to make a noise. When Ralph did this, the missing boys started gathering around the beach, including the choir group (known as the hunters) lead by Jack. Already the conch was a key in the boy’s survival by bringing them together early. It also was the reason of why Ralph was elected chief over Jack during the voting. The only reason Jack had for evidence of being a good leader was the fact he could sing C-sharp: "Shut up, said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide…show more content…
The hunt in which the sow’s head was killed is important because he convinced the kids who were watching the signal fire that hunting is more important. Having these kids help him on the hunt shows that he processes power through persuasion. It helps Jack’s idea of him being born a leader and that he should of been chief from the beginning. Not only was he the leader of a choir, it would also fit his personality of wanting control of every situation. When the sow was killed they left the head on a stick as a peace offering to the beastie. It was used by Jack to try and reduce the fear that everyone on the island had of the beast. As it stood on the stick it had a evil smile (grin), this was when the head became a symbol of evil, since a grin represents doing something sneaky or evil. The main event with the sow 's head besides the killing was the conversation that Simon had. During the conversation the Lord Of The Flies intimidated Simon by saying he was “just an ignorant, silly little boy” and for thinking the beast is “something you could hunt and kill”. Simon was not represented as a ignorant little boy but rather imaginative and weird in the way he thought about things such as who the beast was. He uses a hiding place in the forest to get away from other and thinks of these outlandish ideas to represent to the group. Even though Simon had already
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