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In one of his very complicating and diversed novel Lord of The Flies , William Golding brings out as many ideas and literally devices was used by him . The symbolism of the three main objects is the Conch , the fire and Piggy’s glasses. By each of this symbols , William Golding does show how the boys change throughout The Lord of The Flies novel and how they adapt with the life on island . All three of the symbols listed are the the most important elements of and in the story of Lord of The Flies The first example of symbol that was actually used throughout Lord of The Flies book is the Conch. The Conch is a large shell on the island and Piggy was the first to see it. The conch showed power and also respect as the boys looked …show more content…

The first quote that shows us how important the Conch is when Piggy and Ralph used the conch to call the other boys when they taught they were alone on the island, “The conch, we can use this to call others. Have a meeting, they’ll come when they hear us (p. 16)” .We also do see how the boys are attracted to the conch like a magnet and quickly goes to the person who blows the conch, “By the time Ralph had finish blowing the Conch, the platform was crowded (p. 32)” .Besides that, the Conch also is an idea of civilization, rules and law. When there was a fuss and argument about who would talk first or who has the rights to talk, the conch would determine who will talk and who can’t. An example of the quote is “Conch, that’s what the shell is called. I’ll give the conch to the next person who speaks, he can hold it when he is speaking (p. 33)” .The conch is also an example of how much Piggy would do …show more content…

The evil within the boys has effected more on their existence as they do spend more time on the island and away from the society for a long time and this is shown by Piggy’s specs. Throughout The Lord of The Flies novel, Piggy’s character represents the civilized and rules which the other boys have been separated from and surprisingly the boys lose their vision on what civilization is as Piggy loses his ability to see clearly . When the story of The Lord of The Flies begin , Piggy could see with both lenses of his specs clearly and the boys were still civilized . For an example , at their first meeting the group of boys decided that the boys “can’t have everybody talking at once” and the boys “ have to have their hands up like in school “ (p. 33) . But as time passes by, the hunters as in Jack and his group/tribe became more obsessed about slaughtering a pig than lighting a fire to be rescued or about going back to the civilized world . When Jack and the other hunters came back into the jungle after their successful hunt and started chanting “ Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.” , Ralph and Piggy came over and tried to explain to them that having the meat as meal isn’t

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