Conch Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Additionally, the conch shell symbolizes organization and authority, and when it gets smashed, so does the civilization left in the boys. They first elected their leader, Ralph, based solely on the fact that he was attractive and he had the conch. During the moments when it seemed the boys were contemplating their choice, they did an overview of each of the candidates including Ralph, “there was a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out. There was his size, attractive appearance and most obscurely, yet most powerfully, there was the conch… the delicate thing balanced on his knees and set him apart.” (22). Because it had so much power, the conch got Ralph elected as leader. The mass of boys were so quick to judge and choose their leader based merely on a shell. The boys decided that the shell had power so therefore he who held the shell also had power. Additionally, it determined who had the right to speak, and brought the boys together in unison and created order. Whenever Ralph, wanted to…show more content…
The boys in The Lord of the Flies had driving factors portrayed as symbols like the beast, the dead paratrooper and the conch shell which progressed their downwards spiral in the direction of savagery. Golding created a novel which had many events similar to the real world today. For instance, many people have fears and suspicions which withhold them from uncovering new realizations and discoveries. In addition, when power gets into the wrong hands, and organization and order are no longer priorities, people tend to go crazy. The boys in Lord of the Flies are similar to the real world today, but on a much smaller scale. Golding probably wanted to portray the message that evil and potential savagery is within each human, that everyone is capable of becoming civilized with a few key
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