Conclusion About Bullying

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Bullying seems to be a growing problem in schools. The increased use of cell phones and social media only intensifies the problem. Technology has made it easier for students to become bullies. When I use to think of bullying I imagined physically bigger kids picking on smaller ones, someone steeling another person’s lunch money, or putting a kid in the trash can or locker. Today, these are not the bullying scenes that I see. Exclusion is something I have seen more of recently in schools. In addition, I think that verbal bullying is growing in popularity more than physical bullying. I believe the best way to prevent bullying is to create an atmosphere at school and in the classroom that has a family feel. If everyone feels welcomed and loved, students will be more comfortable around all students. Bullying a can be triggered by age, social class, how one dresses, and many other reasons. Bullying is often not reported and I think that students should know the different between tattling and reporting so they are not afraid to get help for themselves or for others. Looking back at my time as a student through K-12 I can remember a few different scenarios when bullying took place. One case involved a special needs student who was in my class from kindergarten through senior year. Throughout elementary school she was often pulled out of class into the resource room. Other students would make fun of her because she was different. She has a speech impediment and struggles with
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