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Pollution is a big problem now. A lot of people thinks that they don`t pollute because they don`t throw trash on the floor, but this is just one little part of pollution. Pollution is any damage that we cause to the environment and nobody can live without polluting our planet. If we just think of washing our hands with soap, even with natural soap, this already is pollution. We know many different kinds of pollution.
Air pollution is a well known type of pollution. It is caused by a lot of things. We pollute the air mostly with air traffic, mostly planes. Another big pollutant of the air is traffic, but this is getting a bit better, because cars are becoming better and they pollute a bit less, but on the other site, the number of
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Land is mostly polluted, because of farming. Big farms use a lot of pesticides and artificial fertilizers that pollute a lot, and they also pollute the groundwater, because the rain is washing them through the earth to the groundwater. We also pollute the land with littering, dangerous chemicals and so on. The effects of land pollution are quite a lot. It can cause some very dangerous diseases, brain damage, especially with children, land slides and it can cause the crop to be poison, witch is dangerous, because we eat that crop.
Light and noise pollution are two kinds of pollution that aren`t so well known as the first three types of pollution. Light pollution is caused by too much light and is most common in large cities. It is dangerous for the animals, because they are confused and sleepy, because the light disturb them and they can`t sleep enough.
Noise pollution is caused by too much noise from traffic, factories, quarries, people and so on. Similar to the light pollution it is very common in large cities, where there are a lot of people and tourists that are making a lot of noise. It also hurts mostly animals, because they are scared, they can`t sleep and their navigation and radiation aren’t working well, but it hurts also people, because people can have hearing and heart problems and it also causes high blood

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